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It is the end of year 2020, and stone tablets covered with strange symbols have been discovered in the Himalayan mountains. A respected expert in the field of archaeology and linguistics deciphers them when others are unable to, discovering a language which has been dead to the human race for centuries. The tablets predict a series of cataclysmic events that lead up to the apocalypse, at the beginning of year 2021, and the return of an ancient enemy.
Nobody pays attention until the worst natural disasters ever in recorded history begin to occur, and eeire lights are seen in the sky. The human race faces impending doom, as an unidentified planet moves into earth's orbit, and the worst solar storm ever known to mankind begins.
Certain individuals, the chosen ones, begin to have paranormal experiences, and are psychically given clues that will help them reach safety. They must overcome impossible odds in order to survive. Will they make it?
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ISBN: 9781468944457
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