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The Struggles of Life and Migrations
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Magic realism has always been my thing well before I learnt what it is called. My story Alan’s Jinx came to me while lying on my bed one cold winter morning when I was expected to visit a site for a site-specific assignment. I was amused at a comment made by my then lecturer Nina.
‘Lilian, did it really happen?’ she asked, and it amused me a lot. I also read a number of stories which gave me even more ideas into the encouragement of mixing reality and fiction. One or two of the stories are close to reality though, but I had them livened up to make them more fascinating. The titles, I think, befit the stories because, without planning, it appears they all talk about the changes that have happened in the main character’s lives at some point or other.
Short stories appeal to me more than novels, so I opted to major in that, rather than in novels at my final year in Uni. I was very determined to publish a book, no matter how hard or impossible it might prove to be, because lots of my mates gave up their Creative Writing courses to go and do other things, mainly because, one lecturer ungracefully inferred that some of us would never become writers. I was not in that class, but when I heard that, it made me rather more determined to become a writer, no matter how badly I wrote. So if you are reading this today, it means I overruled his prediction. Glory be to God.
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