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Coach Paul Reid set out to write a memoir for his fellow high school football coaches and the athletes he had coached over the years, but the resulting book contains life lessons of value to anyone who works with or cares about young people and the formation of their character. There is something here of value for educators, parents of players, and hometown fans, as well as those who coach young men and women in any team or individual sport.

From the perspective of 34 years at various levels of the coaching profession, Reid shares intimate personal experiences of leadership on and off the field. He offers a rare “insider’ look at what happens in the locker room between games; the drama and challenges of creating discipline and teamwork; the often unintended consequences of parental involvement; the often perplexing examples of fan behavior, and the delicate balance between academics and athletics.

Unlike many of the books written by former coaches, Reid does not just talk about success stories and the pinnacles of glory, but also describes the difficult moments when real learning, growth and insights take place. He also describes his own personal odyssey from a “win at all costs” mentality to a paradigm shift towards a systemic approach that balances personal development and preparation for life. He seasons this message with candid observations about growing up in a small town; the nature of true friendships, and the philosophy of competition and rivalry. Some of the stories in this book will make you shake your head, others may bring a tear or a laugh. But, whether you are a budding football coach, the parent of a player, or a true believer in your hometown team, you will come away with a deeper insight of what high school football is really all about…or should be.

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