We Become What We Behold!

The legacy left within these pages speaks the
Language of Light and
Paints the image of an inner Visionary Landscape.
Eidetic Imagery is a new Visual Language created by artistic
Visionaries as part of the Visual-Linguistic field which I term
Eidetic Image Communication.
As we evolve in consciousness, new images, symbols, and
Icons are required to express the higher octaves of
Understanding and
Experiences in consciousness.

One Cosmic, Visionary, Eidetic Image is worth a thousand words.
Eidetic Image Communication is that process where, by viewing
An Archetypal image, one evokes a deep-all-familiarity to one’s sense of
Inner, ontological understanding.
The door to one’s innermost self where the
Connection to one’s consciousness is opened and
Wisdom becomes Alive!

These are positive, peaceful images for a new
Millennium of evolutionary, spiritual
Cosmic Consciousness.
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