Oftentimes cultural prohibitions thrive unchecked by the general populace eventually entering the world of "known understanding". "It is this way because it has always been this way", becomes the reflexive response to change for the dominant culture. This was certainly the case while institutional approval of human slavery existed. It was also the case when Women sought to exert their independence grasping for equality in a male-dominated world. Throughout the past three decades, members of the Gay and Lesbian community have sought freedom from hate as well as religious and societal tolerance gaining some small degree of success. A Biblical Defense Guide was researched and ultimately authored to be used as a tool for mutual understanding. Those who seek a clear understanding of the societal prohibition and oppression of cultural minorities will be well served in seeking answers outside of the known cultural understanding of "It is this way because it has always been this way". A Biblical Defense Guide will offer interesting insights to all those who seek to understand the historical, cultural, and societal prohibitions that are at work in the world today.
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