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I Want to Know How to Grow: A Children's Lesson Book

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I Want To Know How To Grow was created to help pave the way to inspiring the minds of children with the use of witty informative rhymes.
The photographed pet, zoo and farm animals relate well with rhymes meant to help encourage children at a very early age in decisions they make, actions they take, their interaction with others and their quest for a bright well educated future.
Parents, grandparents and teachers have commented on how it captured the attention and interest of children, made them think and ask questions.
This is a great way for pre K and elementary school children to be enlightened with the importance of eating right and exercise to alerting someone if they encounter abuse, child molesters, strangers and bullies, the right treatment of others, and more. But most of all, to encourage getting all the education they can.
Children at an early age can become more informed and inspired to learn and do more for themselves and their own future, their safety and their interaction with others.

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