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The author’s writings are his discoveries that occurred over a period of 10 years while he was a member of a church or just visiting a church. He observed that the pastors and the leaders of some churches have turned their Sunday morning services into a fundraising event. They are using God’s house as a building to collect monies for their own personal agendas (GREED). Some of these PASTORS and leaders of these churches are trying to take over and own something that doesn’t belong to them. They are trying to take over possession of GOD’S church and treating the church as if it were their own.
Many of these pastors believe that whatever the church collects,they are solely entitled to. They believe they must have more than half of the money that comes into the church if not all of it.This is not of GOD. IT IS OF THE DEVIL. It is WITCHCRAFT. To all you PASTORS and leaders of the churches that the author is speaking about, stop this practice, listen and hear. You don’t own the church because you founded the church. It is GOD’S CHURCH. The LORD will never give up possession of his church, and to you PASTORS and leaders of the churches who are practicing the LORD’S way in the church,keep up the good works and may the LORD continue to bless you and the churches that you preside over.
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