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...And The Fire Continues to Burn

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This is not a fully written book. It is a blueprint or skeleton of a play or inspirational video. It gives the background to a philosophy, plus illustrates the psychological outline of addiction recovery. Addiction is a sinful nature which gives characteristic to one's personality. It carries the classification of a disease, whereby default, it affects each individual uniquely and personally. This is a common temperament in society, yet it holds a dark and mysterious camouflage appearance in reality. Each addict has their own path. This story is base on one addict's walk. Although the character within the story is no stranger to our environment, you will find him in an unusual position. He is able to talk to God, yet he has no idea that his relationship with a Higher Power is actually being established. This blindness is very common. It is also the main reason why he can be understood and relatable to any person who takes the time and reads his story.

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