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Author Gwendolyn Alexander describes her book iNHALE as a compilation of inspirations and revelations placed in her then drawn out by God over a span of almost 25 years. This collection of rhythmic writings, lyrical expressions, sonnets, quotations and revelations are meant to inspire, to connect with, and to impress on all who read them a greater desire for relationship with Jesus.

Ms. Alexander speaks of her poetic writings as reflections of that which reside in the deep reaches of her being regarding the lover of her soul and her great indebtedness to Him. Through iNHALE, her determination is to promote God as the Authority, Jesus as the Center, and Holy Spirit as the driver of all Christian living; that in all our ways we resolve to acknowledge Him and get direction for everything we do.

Her iNHALE writings include personal stories and anecdotes and scriptural antidotes. Her hope through each of them is to excite the truth that there is indeed a more excellent way to live our Christianity; that we are enslaved and bound in obligation to walk it out righteously. Ms. Alexander extols the God of Heaven, the Almighty, who shaped her and assigned her this life; Jesus, the Son of God, who exudes the power of the sun of God; and the Holy Spirit of God, a constant companion who guides Christians to the truth.

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