This author is proud to present Bible drama like this : Therefore as the sun is the joy to them that seek for it's daybreak, so was their joy within the Lord Jesus Christ; For that Great High Priest was their Sun and His rays easily lifted them up and the light from that Logos of Life begat a blinding illumination of God's holiness that was sure to follow them in order to dispelled all darkness of disobediance from around their faces, if they so chose. For He who is near Him is near the fire; and he who is far from Him is far from the kingdom.

Blessed therefore were those holy twelve, being set apart by our All in All. For they all received spiritual eyes to see the holiness of that blessed day. And since Christ additionally opened up their spiritual ears, for times they would choose to listen, they immediately heard His voice shaking the earth and they clearly heard His truth. Even the thought of the highest atainable knowledge became theirs for the asking. Thusly they delighted within that Mediator of the New Covenant and quickly left the ways of error. For they suddenly saw the pitfalls of life laying at their feet because of his marvellous light as they rejoiced over receiving the salvation message that might be able to free their souls from the curse of Adam.

Happy were they as well that they were at liberty to be at the receiving end of the Lord stretching out his most powerful hand towards them, thereby being their faithful guide according to his good pleasure; As a result, those twelve were celebrating within mightily that they might be able to be well pleasing to Jesus because of the glory He was handing them, due to the generosity of His name which is from everlasting to everlasting.
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