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Some say that our fate is determined before we are ever born. Jacqui has felt the impact of her fate her entire life. Branded as the killer of her twin—a little girl they named Jane—she has been a pariah in her own family and community since birth. As the result of a freak accident in the womb, Jane never drew a single breath. Her unborn twin’s foot crushed her cord, depriving her tiny brain of oxygen. No reasonable person would assign intent or blame to the surviving baby—but that didn’t stop Jacqui’s parents from blaming her for her sister’s demise.

Jacqui has tried to come to a place of peace and understanding her entire life, but she is now treated as a burden by her family. Alone, sad, and confused, she tells her story through a series of poignant letters to her sister in heaven. Having started writing to Jane when she was about seven, she is desperate to connect with her lost other half in any way she can.

In her quest for self-acceptance, understanding, and forgiveness, Jacqui reaches out to the only other one who could possibly know what really happened on that fateful day: her lost twin.

Published: Balboa Press on
ISBN: 9781452513386
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