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The BASICS tool is a brief yet comprehensive group Bible study that explores the most fundamental truths of the Christian faith and life with God.

This digital version allows you to use the discussion guide on your iPad, share with someone you're discipling, or use in a presentation. Download once, and have the entire 7-week (or 7-session) curriculum at your disposal.

As with most of Cru's time-tested, proven effective discipleship materials, BASICS begins with the concept of Assurance. Lesson 1 gives the group a framework for understanding a believer's true identity, and security, in the Person and work of Christ. Helpful diagrams illustrate powerful truths of what it means when a person comes to Christ and how His work in their lives trumps everything else.

Your group will find the content of the BASICS study a breath of fresh air. Lesson 2 of the workbook helps you understand the concept of Spiritual Breathing. Learn how experiencing God's ongoing love and forgiveness is a biblical inhale and exhale away.

Because Spirit-filled living is the key to a dynamic and powerful Christian life, BASICS guides new or young believers to a better understanding of the Holy Spirit and His role in our lives. Again, helpful diagrams also help to visually explain the difference between a "worldly" Christian who is living a self-directed life and a submitted Christian, living a Christ-directed life in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Unpack the principles behind a powerful prayer life. BASICS walks the group through what Scripture has to say about what prayer is, and how it impacts their lives. Your group will be encouraged as they learn together how to pray effectively to see real change occur before their eyes.

Because being able to read and have a personal Bible study for oneself is one of the most important skills that the members of your group can take away from this series, lesson 5 is devoted to helping the Christian understand how to study the Bible effectively.

Want your group to come away from this study with a biblical understanding of the stewardship of their time, talent, and resources? Lesson 6 covers the subject of generosity, a term that has a specific, powerful meaning in the Christian context. Your group will learn that biblical generosity is in fact rejoicing in God's abundance and sharing His resources.

Because spiritual multiplication is at the heart of everything that Cru produces, lesson 7 encourages your group to multiply, and trains each person with simple, beginning steps how to share their faith with those around them. Your group members will leave the study with the proper understanding that they themselves are responsible for helping to fulfill the Great Commission.

The BASICS study is comprised of seven brief, but comprehensive lessons that can be completed in a group and then multiplied into new groups. Your group participants will be equipped to become the next group leaders.
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