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US Review of Books, February 2014
“…(Few) compilations are as thorough and encompassing as Point of Reference. Seals…most intriguing poems are those where he digs deeper on topics that humanity is so afraid to look in the eye….Seals never ceases to impress with his understanding and utilization of rhythm and rhyme. Poems such as "Heartstring" deliver an almost musical feel....Overall, Seals poetry is infused with vivid imagery….Without a doubt, this is a must read that will likely be a source for healthy discussions in society.” [complete text]
Reviewed by Mihir Shah

ForeWord Reviews, June 2013
Five Stars (out of Five)
"...Point of Reference, is like taking a peak into someone’s diary. These lyrical poems offer the reader thought-provoking metaphors about the realities of the world, from a brief encounter with a robin to tough topics like abortion and assault....The diverse points of view and confessional voices provide new lenses with which to see the world....The poems encourage the reader to take a step back from familiar situations in order to see from a new angle and react against the status quo." [complete text]
Lisa Bower

"Some of the poems are very insightful and make you delve into the topic questioning your own beliefs. Others are very dark and I felt very uneasy reading them as if I was looking into someone’s soul and their deepest, darkest secrets."
Bobbie Lutz
Dover, Delaware

"Poetry is a metaphor for life and humans have worked to reflect our lives in poetry the way other craftsman have left their marks on the world in stone or marble. The effect of poetry as art is similar, and as profound, and often as lasting and durable in its own form.

In his latest collection of poetry, Mr. Seals has gathered ideas as diverse as can be conceived, but their disparity holds common the art of humanity. Images of cows in pasture share pages with grappling with a father’s death and the author’s thoughts on extremist ideals.

It is obvious from the beginning through the end that Mr. Seals wishes to provoke thoughts on tough topics and hold a mirror to the ideals we sometimes hold dear. Many of the pieces he has chosen for the collection tackle topics that we as a community often deal with and even dwell on, but topics we rarely choose for polite discussion. These issues are dealt with in digestible parts that help us quantify and understand our own emotions.

One’s decision to have an abortion, or dealing with domestic abuse in a religion that condemns divorce are not debates we often choose to have, but issues that require thought and consideration nonetheless. Good poetry succeeds when it exposes life’s truths in a way that makes us re-examine our beliefs and re-consider the viewpoints. Mr. Seals succeeds in squaring the righteous and moral with his sparse prose and lays bare many emotionally fraught issues."
Amanda MacDonnell
Yorktown, Virginia

Published: Trafford on
ISBN: 9781466940222
List price: $3.99
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