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Dawn: Diary Three

Dawn: Diary Three

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Dawn: Diary Three

5/5 (1 rating)
99 pages
46 minutes
Mar 25, 2014


From the author of The Baby-Sitters Club: Former BFFs Dawn and Sunny have to get over the past now that they need each other more than ever.
Dawn and Sunny used to be best friends. But now it seems like nothing can get them to talk to each other and resolve their issues. Dawn misses her former friend—even if she can’t admit it.
When Ducky scores tickets to see their favorite band, Jax, he wants to take both Dawn and Sunny. But even a fun night out can’t bring them together. In fact, they are angrier and further apart than ever before. The one thing they still share is their sadness over Sunny’s mom’s illness. No one else understands what they’re going through. But can they get through their anger long enough to rekindle their friendship?
This ebook features an illustrated personal history of Ann M. Martin, including rare images from the author’s collection.
  Dawn: Diary Three is the 11th book in the California Diaries, which also includes Ducky: Diary Two and Sunny: Diary Three.
Mar 25, 2014

About the author

Ann M. Martin grew up in Princeton, New Jersey. After attending Smith College, where she studied education and psychology, she became a teacher at a small elementary school in Connecticut. Martin also worked as an editor of children’s books before she began writing full time. Martin is best known for the Baby-Sitters Club series, which has sold over one hundred seventy million copies. Her novel A Corner of the Universe won a Newbery Honor in 2003. In 1990, she cofounded the Lisa Libraries, which donates new children’s books to organizations in underserved areas. Martin lives in upstate New York with her three cats.

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Dawn - Ann M. Martin

Dawn: Diary Three

California Diaries

Ann M. Martin


Late Friday night 2/5

Saturday 2/6

Sunday 2/7

Monday 2/8

Wednesday 2/10

Thursday 2/11

Friday 2/12

Saturday night 2/13

Sunday 2/14

Monday 2/15

Tuesday 2/16

Thursday 2/18

Friday 2/19

Saturday morning 2/20

Sunday 2/21

Monday 2/22

Tuesday 2/23

Wednesday afternoon 2/24

Thursday 2/25

Friday 2/26

Saturday morning 2/27

Sunday morning 2/28

Monday night 3/1

Tuesday 3/2

Thursday morning 3/4

Friday morning 3/5

Preview: Sunny: Diary Three

A Personal History by Ann M. Martin

Late Friday night 2/5

Ah. The weekend. Here at last. I don’t know why I’m so thrilled. It’s not like I have plans or anything. It’s just a nice break. This is such a draggy time of year. Even in California. We don’t get all that snow and ice and slush we used to have in Connecticut, but we’ve had endless storms and rains and

Oops. Sorry. Gracie was crying. Now I’m back. I’m baby-sitting tonight. These are my big Friday night plans. Baby-sitting for Gracie and Jeff.

This has been the great excitement of the week: On Tuesday the groundhog saw his shadow, so we will have six more weeks of winter. Big deal.

I can never understand how that groundhog thing works. Year after year it mystifies me. What is that ground-hog’s name? Punxatonnie Slim? (I think he resides in Pennsylvania.) And why does seeing his shadow mean a longer winter? If he sees his shadow, doesn’t that mean it’s a nice sunny day? And wouldn’t that mean that we’re already enjoying an early spring? Very strange.

Oh, well. I don’t think Punxatonnie Slim’s condition in Pennsylvania has all that much to do with California weather anyway.

Boy. Gracie is really fussy tonight. Maybe she’s getting new teeth. I’ve decided to keep her up with me for awhile. Now she’s on her tummy on my floor, examining the bunnies on her blanket. She seems a lot happier, but I MUST get her back in her crib before Dad and Carol come home. They won’t appreciate my laid-back baby-sitting techniques. They—Yikes there’s their car

Later Friday night 2/5

Whoa. That was close. I scooped Gracie up and ran her back to her room. When Dad and Carol came in, they found me standing over Gracie’s crib in the dark, talking softly to her, like I’d been trying to soothe her for hours. But I just know that letting her get up is better for her. If I were a baby, that’s what I’d want.

Oh, well.

Dad paid me, and now he and Carol have gone to bed, so I’m the only one up. I can’t sleep. I’m rolling that groundhog issue around in my head, which is absolutely insane. Whenever I start mulling over something as idiotic as a groundhog, I know something else is really bothering me. What is really bothering me tonight?


It’s Sunny.

We’re still barely speaking to each other.


And yet she’s my friend. She’s been one of my best friends for so long. I miss her. I miss her a lot.

I’m mad at her and I miss her.

Saturday 2/6

I’m sitting in my bedroom, looking out the window and across the yard at Sunny’s house. It’s bad enough being mad at your best friend, but when she lives right next door, it’s just so…uncomfortable.

I wonder if Sunny feels the way I do. Possibly, this doesn’t matter to her just now. After all, her mother is back in the hospital. In, out, in, out, for how long? The last year or so, at least.

I hope I never get cancer.

Sunny spends a lot of her time and energy not visiting her mother in the hospital. She must have to go to great lengths to appear so busy that, day after day, she can’t get to the hospital.

I think I’ll visit Mrs. Winslow today.

This afternoon.

Later Saturday afternoon 2/6

Oh. My. God.

Mrs. Winslow looks dreadful. Absolutely dreadful. Her hair was just starting to grow back and then they began chemo on her again, and now it’s coming out in brushfuls. I brought her a new scarf today so we could experiment with styling. She tied it on her head so that just a few wispy bangs were showing.

How should I fix these, Dawn? she said. She was looking at her bangs in a hand mirror and holding up a comb.

Maybe sort of over to the side, I suggested.

So she ran the comb through the bangs and pulled them out. I mean,

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