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The Magic Nation Thing

166 pages1 hour


Abby doesn’t want to be different, but she doesn’t have a choice—she has magic, and it’s not in her imagination
Abigail O’Malley resents having the psychic powers that set her apart from other kids. Even though her kindergarten teacher assured her that her visions were just her imagination (which Abby heard as “magic nation”), Abby knows they’re very real. She just wants to be normal, like her best friend, Paige Borden, and grow up to be a lawyer or maybe an Olympic gold-medalist skier. If her powers are so special, why can’t she find a way to bring her parents back together?
But Abby’s ability to read minds and find missing objects comes in handy when she helps solve cases at her mom’s private detective agency. The trouble starts when Abby accidentally reveals her special gift to Paige. Now that Paige knows her secret, she keeps trying to get Abby to use her magic to figure out everyday mysteries. But when Paige’s little brother Sky goes missing, Abby has to put her powers to the ultimate test.
This ebook features an extended biography of Zilpha Keatley Snyder.

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