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Maggie: Diary One

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Maggie makes everything she does look easy—but there’s a high price to pay for perfection
Maggie Blume does everything right. She gets straight A’s, is a talented pianist, and was just named the youngest poetry editor of the school’s literary magazine, Inner Vistas. She makes the life of a successful thirteen-year-old look easy.
For Maggie’s father, nothing but perfect will do. Not only is he obsessed with his job as a studio executive, he expects Maggie to have a detailed plan for her life, which unfortunately leaves no room for her true passion: music.
Once Maggie’s friends learn of her talent, they help her land a spot as the lead singer for Vanish, the band managed by her friend Amalia. Maggie could never share this news with her dad, so when she has to choose between going to his movie opening and the battle of the bands, she takes a huge risk to make sure she’s able to do it all—perfectly.
This ebook features an illustrated personal history of Ann M. Martin, including rare images from the author’s collection. 

Maggie: Diary One is the 3rd book in the California Diaries, which also includes Sunny: Diary One and Amalia: Diary One.

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