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Austin Bain liked working for the CIA, especially exercising his intellect to be one step ahead of a challenge. But deviating from his deciphering routine seemed to open another door to reality. Escaping death by minutes in Panama might have been a fluke, but it was enough to remind him of the dangers of his vocation. Resigning from the CIA he returned to civilian life, until a former cohort tracked him down vacationing on a remote Bahamas island.
That surprise encounter, catapulted Bain back into the Agency to help track and apprehend one of the most dangerous individuals the Armed Forces and CIA had ever dealt with in Vietnam. The French National and former college roommate of Austin Bain had developed a deadly profile, bent on revenge, as a result of tragic events involving the eventual deaths of a sister and father.
Working under a pseudonym, Bain’s search took him through numerous provinces in Vietnam when the US military presence was growing by the tens of thousands each month. At one time the fugitive’s roommate, Bain was considered the most likely to be able to identify the Saigon Cowboy, the freshman he lived with ten years ago at Syracuse University.
Both the bold aggressiveness and clandestine actions of the Cowboy continued to baffle those in pursuit. With his apparent ease of movement in highly secure areas, he continued to meet his objective of eliminating high ranking military and CIA agents.
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