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Third Times A Charm

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Sometimes it only takes, one look, a soft touch, and a woman knows that her once lost love from long ago, was a foolish mistake. Will that stop her from making the same mistake again, just to lose the love she craved for so many years, or will it take her charm and wits to win him back again? Perhaps, he was never lost at all.

With a guarded heart and a knack for making the big corporate money, Jill Waltz was no stranger to going it alone. One crazy drunken night, she is caught in several compromising positions with her married boss, and she knew her life was about to be turned upside down. First of which, was to be shipped to the branch office in the middle of nowhere. As things go wrong, she wonders if this is the price she has to pay for making a very big mistake, since she got caught fooling around in the late-night hour at work.

When love is the last thing on her mind, career first, little does she know that her old high school love that stole her heart ten years ago, would show up in the same place, to discover that their love never extinguished. Leaving her wondering if happily-ever-after does exist, or will she mess it up this second chance and hope that third times a charm.

How does one corporate go-getter of a woman get herself so caught up in the chaos of a career that there seems no clear way to make it all work out? With her desire to love the man she lost and keep things in perspective, she finds that once what seemed important, is not that significant after all, while trying to keep it all together.

With the help of unusual great friends, a desire to make the most for her life, and perfect timing to a confusing situation, will she open her heart and find a way to make it all work out into a happy ending, one that she never dreamed possible?

This book contains adult content.

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