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"One thing about living in New Orleans I never could stomach...all the damn zombies." That seems to be the popular sentiment as the wild decadence and splendor of the Crescent City is underlined with the very real threat of a zombie apocalypse. In OCCUPATION, two best friends struggle to survive in a post-Katrina New Orleans in which several of the city’s residents have turned into mindless, ravenous zombies. Largely ignored by many in the city/state legislature, the city’s residents are forced to defend themselves against a mysterious epidemic that has many baffled as to the true nature of its origin.

Now on the heels of a city swept in the madness and hysteria of both Mardi Gras and the Super Bowl, two friends race against time in a last ditch effort to discover the truth behind the cause of the virus before it is too late. OCCUPATION is a funny, insightful and haunting story bringing a new twist on zombie folklore.

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