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10 Angst of the Silent Man

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With the spirit of 250-year-old Thuringi warrior Maranta Shanaugh living within him, Earthian Marty Sheridan faces a sometimes difficult journey to adulthood. After the tragic loss of a first love, Marty and Maranta both lose their heart to Galveston beauty Stella Briggs. When he joins forces with King Stuart Phillipi and the aliens of the Island of New Thuringa, Marty feels he finally found his place in the scheme of things. As he goes on missions for the crown, Marty begins to affect and influence the affairs of Stellar Council worlds. Meanwhile, Hartin Medina schools Crown Prince Erich Phillipi in conducting rule of the Armada, and takes a paternal interest in Tomas Hellick's son Terran. Glendon and Sara continue to hide her Chassiren identity from the people of the Armada, while Glendon’s daughter Echo develops her own warrior style on Earth. Brent suffers the loss of a favorite pet. Darien Phillipi with his occasional D'tai co-pilot Urgyle Fresh make a stunning discovery on the planet Senga which changes everything for the Thuringi prince.

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