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Generate Money In Hydroponics

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In 1984, a conglomeration of singers got together to give the world the song "We are the world". This after a catastrophic famine in Sahel Ethiopia. From then on, then on, the world governments have struggled to create food sufficiency in their countries. During the era of Mao Tsetung in China, after the whole world embargoed against his country, he went a head and create food sufficiency for his people through intensive farming method. China with its number one status in world population is an exporter of food stuff. Land is an emotive asset in most parts of the world, this is so because the soil is used to grow food and erect structures for habitation, business, etc. The rich and the poor must all eat, one category can choose what to eat while the other lives by what is available. We can make the world a better place to live through the provision of fresh food. Every man ans woman are born with the capabilities of planting any type of plant. Hydroponics, aeroponics and aquaponics can create food sufficiency. Food sufficiency is a concern for all members of the human race!

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