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Jain Religion & Tirthankaras

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Jain religion is one of the ancient religions of the world. This religion is also discussed in ancient books like ‘Srimad Bhagwad,’ ‘Vishnu Puran’, ‘Padam Puran’, ‘Matsya Puran’, and other ancient purans.
Jain Guru’s are also called as Jin, Jindev or Jinendra. From ‘Jin’ word ‘Jain’ word has been procured. Jin are those people who have subdued their senses and are not harmful to any living creature. They are only called in appreciation of them as Arhant, Arihant and or Arhat.
There are twenty four Tirthankara’s in Jain religion and these tirthankara’s are from these Arhant’s only. All these tirthankara’s have taken birth as a common man and after having subdued their senses along with having control over their mind and soul have become Tirthankara’s.

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