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The Medicalization Trap

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In The Medicalization Trap, Dr Gloria Wright constructively and critically explores the process involved in “becoming known” as ADHD. This thought provoking study illuminates how diagnostic labels such as “ADHD” actually emerge. It’s a “must read” for parents, medical and health professionals, parents, social workers and anyone interested in how labeling actually comes about. Dr Gloria Wright examines range of theoretical underpinnings to ADHD through the narratives of mothers. Fascinating themes of ‘blame’ are revealed, as are mothering partnerships with the doctors. Conceptual frameworks surrounding “tipping points” are carefully analyzed and the part played by key stakeholders reveals much about the power of social constructions of deviance. The discussion this journey generates provocatively stirs debate because it calls into question many taken-forgranted assumptions. Dr Wright’s book, The Medicalization Trap, is fast attracting acclaim as typified by the following review: “Dr Gloria Wright’s incisive, beautifully written analysis makes excellent reading for those already involved in this arena as well as for those who are interested in the arguments surrounding the medicalisation of behaviours. It demonstrates scholarship, research, sensitivity and fortitude and significantly adds to the debates in this field.” Professor Barbara Fawcett, The University of Birmingham, UK

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