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From Chrysalis to Butterfly: a Concerto of Poems

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From Chrysalis to Butterfly, a concerto of poems by Paula Fisher is an expressive collection of poetry which is designed to give its readers the power to reflect on their own emotions - from despair through to hope and love.
In this descriptive and emotive book, the author expresses experiences from her own ‘chrysalis to butterfly’ journey.
Originally written for Paula’s own pleasure, this impassioned collection invites you to discover how her poems can allow you to experience enjoyment and personal growth through verse.
This book is structured into three movements comparable to a concerto, with the reader playing the part of the Soloist:
Quiet Desperation
Four poems that capture the frustrations of life as many people experience them, becoming stuck as a ‘Chrysalis’:
'By What Shall I Remember You?', 'Together In Loneliness', 'Old Age' and 'Invisible Middle Aged Women'.
Illusions of Progress
Seven poems reflecting on how attempts to break out can unknowingly lead to negative consequences:
'Envy', 'Gluttony', 'Greed', 'Wrath', 'Sloth', 'Lust' and Pride
Hope, Growth and Love
Five poems that enlighten and create positive emotion, turning despair to hope and hostility to love.... From Chrysalis to Butterfly:
'What About Us Is Real And What Is a Fiction?', 'First Kiss', 'Northern Adventure', 'Sweet Lady Tulip' and
'What Makes Me Smile?'

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