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Gabrielle Tiny and the Clue in the Book, Educational Version

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“Oh no,” said Gabrielle Tiny (better known as Brie) as she woke up with a start. “I forgot my book report and it's due tomorrow.” She had been dreaming about school again when she suddenly remembered it.
Being careful not to wake anyone else, Brie crept out of her lemon drop box bed and into her tiny robe. Slowly she snuck down the hall and out through the passageways to the tiny door which lead to the big people's living room. After making sure that none of the big people or their cats were around, she scurried across the floor to the large bookcase which stood against the far wall.
Find out what happens when Brie discovers a clue hidden in a book.

The Tinys are a family of very small people that live inside the walls of a big person’s apartment. In many ways Tinys are like littles, but they don’t have tails like littles do.
There are four children in the Tiny family. Gabrielle (or Brie as she is better known) is the oldest. Then comes Aaron, the only boy. After Aaron are the twins, Danielle and Rachelle. They all live with their mother and father.
Living nearby are their grandmother and their Aunti Karen, who they spend a lot of time with.
The Tinys all live in the walls of an apartment that belongs to the Martin family. In the Martin Family there are the parents, June and Jerry, and their only child, Peter. They also have three cats!
As you may know, cats love to chase things that are smaller than they are, and tinys are just the right size for a cat to chase. The cats will pounce on the tinys and bat them around. They may not mean to hurt the tinys, but they do. That’s why tinys don’t like cats.
The Tinys work hard at making things work. They like to recycle things that the big people throw away. They also like parties, and good times, and spending time together.
In many ways, Tinys are just like you and me, only smaller.

Read about the adventures of the Tinies in this series.

Ages 7 to 12.
3582 Words
Educational Versions include Common Core exercises.

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