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Southern Baptists and Southern Slavery: The Forgotten Crime Against Humanity

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The Southern Baptist Convention is the only denomination to have been created from the idea that the African, by biblical decree, was forever doomed to slavery. This book explores how such an incredible evil could have beep perpetuated upon a people by Southern Baptists and why they felt compelled to argue for the defense of the institution of slavery until the last shot was fired in the Civil War. Southern Baptists deeply believed it was a Divine right to buy and sell the African, a fact that has been buried in the annals of Southern Baptist history. This violation of human rights has never been held to account and remains the best-kept secret of the Southern Baptists. Let every African American read this book and decide who was responsible for the pain and suffering of their ancestors. Let every Southern Baptist read this book and know the history that has been hidden for far to long.

Rev. Dr. Alvin Carpenter

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