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I’ve been rejected so many times that, at this point, I feel like I should add, “takes rejection well” as a skill on my resume.
I have been out of full time employment due to a lay-off since June of 2012 and now I’m completely unemployed due to taking a risk to find full time employment. I have done everything humanly possible to find new employment. I have read all kinds of advice and tried it all, relocated to a state with a lower unemployment rate (spent my entire retirement account in the process), had my resume professionally rewritten, added a certificate to my education, volunteered my services, and clicked on LinkedIn until my fingertips bled. All avenues have led absolutely nowhere. I’m now broke, trying to figure out how to keep a roof over my head, and feeling really quite useless. It appears I have become one of the Misfits of today’s work force, if you will. Overqualified, under-qualified, not qualified, unemployed too long. I’m sure I’ve been spit out on all of them at this point.

This path has led me to ask why? What is exactly going on that somebody with a college education and experience in the scientific and events fields can’t find a fit? So I started researching the problem. I have found several different reasons with no real way to get around the issues without changing attitudes. This book is my perception, my personal experiences and my opinions on what is currently going on with the long-term unemployed.
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