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Song of the Eagle

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The cry of the eagle, its soaring flight and the vision it brings to its realm marks this time. Drawn by the unseen, by words spoken mind to mind, the heroes of the quest (Eroa, Aria, Utini, Hera and their companions) launch their great, double-hulled canoe on the long tides.
Leaving Aotearoa they track a distant cry for help to Kauai in Hawaii. Here new champions gather to the cause, for this is the land of the fabulous Menehune who worked stone in magical ways that leave their mark today.
Once again they gather stone to create Tu Ahu that bring the energy of the stars to the aid of Earth. All hangs in the balance. A vast Black Robe fleet gathers to destroy those who strive to hold the gathering darkness in check. That danger is faced and overcome in a unique way.
Now the heroes break through to join with the Haida and Inuit of the NW Pacific. Old lore revealed in carvings crafted in stone brings new hope to those who carry the flame that is true.
Here we soar with the eagles, walk with the totem animals of the First Nations and enter the icy Arctic world of Night Without End. And the task is not yet done for the Black Robes still deal in death. And the wisdom says, ‘we are of the eagle and the eagle is of us. All is one.’
At the core of this journey is a dilemma that has consumed the minds of philosophers since the oldest of times — the clash of the darkness and the light. Reducing that issue to its impact on our lives we walk with those who find the courage to walk the ways of peace amidst turbulent tides of war. They carry no weapons and deal not in death. Their power stems from compassion and the sacred ways of the Ancients. Their wisdom is founded in the magic of the mystery of cosmic lore.

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