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Hackyu Won Too Free
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Satirical slants on almost all efforts of busy humankind. Persons fed up with sloppy thinking (by persons other than themselves) may relish this book of brief humorous essays that set the world straight. They include insights on law and sex and war and logic and language, which lead on to all you were resisting knowing about religion: the iniquities of all from atheists to evangelicals. Written in what is both clear expository prose and verse stanzas (each in haiku form), the work can be read in bits or understood whole. Disparate items insidiously build up a philosophy, which may be seen as the gospel to the thoughtful who need no gospel. Be careful not to strain your thinking process, or hurt yourself chuckling. (If you are confused, think of the book as volume four of the bible.)

Seekers after the
truth may stop seeking; they will
now know what to think.

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