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Speak The Word

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God is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient but until He said what He wanted, nothing happened. If God had to say something before it happened, it cannot be any different with you - speak the Word!
God did not appear on the world stage with a perfect world. He started with something that was formless and through the power of the Word, He changed everything to what He wanted. In the same way, we are born with setbacks, we inherit problems and the world order may not favour us. Nevertheless, by speaking the creative Word of God we can change what we came to meet and the condition in which we were born.
The storm did not obey Jesus just because He is the Word of God - the Logos. It did not cease because it respected Him. It did not calm down because Jesus wished or wanted it to do so. It became calm because Jesus demanded it. THE WORD SPOKE THE WORD BEFORE THE STORM CEASED.

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