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What Is SEO? Tips And Tools To Improve Your Search Engine Optimization Fast!

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SEO, one of the subjects I write a lot about in my working life and have received good feedback and success. This book is born out of the fact that there is a lot out there written on the ever changing world of search engine optimization or SEO, from 'Dummies guides' to white papers. Not much however that targets the small to medium business with no tech savvy member of staff, or the large business marketing professional who's focus has never really been online despite very good marketing strategy as a core skill.
This book is designed to be to the point, offer step by step guides and address real questions that have arisen from real colleagues, bosses and also the digs into the details that have come up as concerns on international website builds.
This book is readable in a very short space of time and delivers results that you will start to see in weeks. Don't be fooled by the friendly emails you receive in your junk mail. SEO cannot be achieved overnight, it is executed systematically while monitoring success and/ or failure along the way... execute correctly and move forward, rush, try and do it all at once and you will move backwards!

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