SNACK SIZE WORLD CUP - BRAZIL! is a brief, informative and irreverent history of the best football nation in the world. BRAZIL! takes you on a journey that starts in Devon and ends in Rio de Janeiro. In between, you will learn about 'The Mystery of the Ridiculous Team Selection’ from the 1938 World Cup; The part Uruguayan piss played in Brazil losing the 1950 final; The referee from 'The Battle of the Berne' in 1954 who took refuge in Jeux Sans Frontiere; Pele, Garrincha and the best three minutes of football ever played; Why it was all downhill after the wonders of Mexico '70; The Great Argentinean/Peruvian robbery of 1978; Platonism, a Caesar Salad, and the Best Team Never to Win the World Cup; The smell of Dunga and the USA '94 antidote to Ayrton Senna; The Two Ronnies, Ronaldo and Ronaldhino; The unexpected inverse correlation between football success and economic prosperity; And Barnsley. HAVE A BREAK! HAVE A SNACK SIZE!

Published: Chris Whitfield on
ISBN: 9781311301420
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