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Where There's Will: There's a Way - Reflections on My Son Will and His Cancer Journey

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Imagine for a moment that you are 6 years old, an ordinary boy who loves baseball and animals growing up in a Midwestern town. Imagine that you start becoming very fatigued, and your balance is off and no one including the doctors can figure out just what's wrong with you. Now imagine that you've just been diagnosed with a brain tumor and your "normal" life, the one you thought you were destined for, has been turned upside down. You've just embarked on something you barely understand, an 8 plus year odyssey of repeated major surgeries on your brain, multiple rounds of chemotherapy and radiation and experimental treatments, all in an effort to stop something you cannot see or feel from growing inside of your head. How will you respond? In anger, and resentment and self pity? Or will you live each day to the fullest not knowing what tomorrow may bring, going from chemo sessions to baseball practice, doing your schoolwork between radiation treatments, participating in the school play while healing from surgery, bringing a smile and your wry sense of humor to those around you when all others could expect would be tears? Will Canan did not let cancer define who he could become in his brief time on the earth before he left us much too soon in October of 2012 at the age of 14. This is the inspiring story of his life and the many kind people (and animals) who made his unique journey possible. All proceeds from the sale of Will's book will be used to support charities that helped Will and our family during his long cancer journey.

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