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One Tough Summer

148 pages2 hours


This is the second in the Knightsville mystery series. In this book, the staff of the veterinary hospital in town are involved in a series of break-ins and other vandalism. We also get a look at a few more veterinary scenarios, and the animals that are involved in them from the point of view of the veterinary hospitals staff. The local RCMP investigate the incidents, but "the girls" from the hospital plus Jim and Myles Donnelly from the local paper get pulled into trying to understand the motivation for some of the things which happen. Then just when things didn't seem like they could get worse, Melissa Knight, William's wife goes missing, along with their young lab pup, Mae. To top things off, Mel was very near her due date in her pregnancy. This was during a week of very heavy rain storms which were going through the district The whole town turns out to search for her, almost forgetting about the vandalism situations, until after she could be found. Hope you enjoy seeing to what lengths the folks of the town will go to help one of their own.

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