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Are you tired of not having enough time at the end of the day to prepare and cook for the family as you would like? Time management can be difficult when it comes to three meals a day and all of the other activities a family may be involved in.Learn how to make home-made pantry mixes that can save you time in the kitchen and money at the grocery store. This title offers the family cook an opportunity to entertain on a budget with delicious baked goods for friends and family, in a matter of minutes.Buying ready mixes for snacks, desserts, and other foods can add up. With your own home-made mixes, not only do you save money, but you know exactly what is going into each every mix. Pantry mixes allow for a scrumptious home-made taste that will leave everyone thinking you spent hours in the kitchen.Make your next event, whether it is a party, church social, or a small gathering of friends, special with your own touch of creativity.This title contains 13 pantry mixes, 65 supporting recipes, plus variations that can be applied to many of the recipes. You will also find scripture cards focused on the bountiful blessings of our Creator, throughout.The Mixes found in this book are listed below.Dinner Roll Mix RecipesWhite Bread Mix and RecipesBeer Bread Mix and RecipesCornbread Mix and RecipesQuick Fruit Bread Mix and RecipesPizza Crust Mix and RecipesOatmeal Mix and RecipesThe Versatile Mix and RecipesDessert Topping Mix and RecipesDonut Mix and RecipesBrownie Mix and RecipesCookie Mix and RecipesPie Shell Mix and Recipes
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ISBN: 9781311579058
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