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21 Guns Bid me Goodbye

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The Book: Life altering events sometimes present themselves in the form of tragedy. Samuel McRoberts, settling into his golden years, is a man residing within the confines of his once sound mind. At 62, his past is his present. The future is of little significance.

Dashed with humor and inspiration, 21 Guns Bid me Goodbye is the story of Samuel’s life leading up to the events causing his mind to exit stage right. From his early days as a kid in Florida, to his tour in Viet Nam, to his life as a songwriter in Nashville, his life was anything outside of ordinary or mundane. Based on real life events.

Excerpt: I was labeled a “daydreamer” in elementary school. It was the cause of immense concern and the prevalent topic at endless parent/teacher conferences. The long term damages associated with “staring into space,” were as yet unknown. My fate hung in the balance. “Won’t know ’til he’s grow’d up I reckon.” I used my disability to my every advantage. “Sorry Mom. Didn’t hear ‘ya. I was havin’ one a them daydreams.” This still works for me today. Ask my wife.

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