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The Truth About Spirits
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Humanity has always had a fascination with the search for truth and meaning.
The Truth About Spirits help you find the true meaning of life. You will read about reincarnation, the cult of the deceased and the truth about spirit manifestation in the phenomenon called paranormal.
When you read The Truth About Spirits, you will find what often feels like death, is instead rebirth. Your soul transformed; forged anew.

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The Truth About Spirits - My Ebook Publishing House

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I. Instinct- a phenomena of spirit manifestation

The living world is dominated by two instincts: one of species preservation and the other, of species perpetuation. The instinct is a spirit manifestation, through it, the species has knowledge from past lives, of various phenomena and events which it has lives, and the man faced with a similar situation for the first time, reacts accordingly to his experience lived in that past life. But why any small creature, not to mention a man that even at death’s door implores heaven to let him live a tad more, instead of preferring or being indifferent to death, knowing that life is a continuous struggle for existence, most often with great suffering? Have you noticed how much a small insect defends itself when you intend killing it, it struggles and runs everywhere so that she wouldn’t be caught? The explanation is only one: life on Earth is ordered by superior spirits that determine reincarnation in order to help you purify your soul and then you want to live because you don’t want other lives, other sufferings. That life is agony can be explained by the screaming of the mother and the new born at birth. In nature, nothing is left at a venture, not even human destiny; everything is set and well-ordered by the same laws that govern the matter, the strength and the psychic. The brain is a necessary tool for intelligence, a psyche inside the human body, but not this cerebral instrument produces intelligence, insomuch as is the piano whereon someone performs a song is the author of the song. Whereat, a psychic even if not having read spiritual cards, immediately states that he embodies such dead and such dead.

The materialized phantoms also state that they represent the spirit of a man that has had a past life. Certain facts or events said or written by a medium in trance, are unknown to the medium and his assistance, the deceased being the only one that could know them and reveal them. Therefore, the manifested paranormal science is the deceased himself, it can only be him, whereas the facts or events revealed in this spiritual session, information subsequently verified, prove to be exact. Another confirmation of the persistence of the spirit after death is the constancy of radical distinctions between the medium and materialized spirits (see the chapter Materialization and Dematerialization).

Cases of literary or philosophical work dictated post mortem by famous writers are being quoted, creations specific only to the respective writers, for example: Charles Dickens, Oscar Wilde and Frederic Nietzsche. The recognition of materialized spirits is another confirmation that the materialization of that spirit does exist: the experience with the phantom Kati King that says that her real name is Annie Owen Morgan. The animals adapt their existence in two ways one instinctive (mechanical) and the other one, deliberate, a subject to will. Instincts are guarantees that the species take for perpetuating it. A wasp that meets for the first time a poisonous spider, in order to make him harmless, she firstly lays the spider on his back and then stings him in his nerve ganglion, in which poisonous palpations are dictated.

How did the wasp know where the nerve ganglion was found if she had met this spider for the first time? There is only one conclusion, the spirit of life, though rudimental, is the one that knew the danger the wasp was exposing to, and also he knew the location of this ganglion, he already knew this from past lives, when probably the wasp had died because of this. The perpetuation instinct of the species is dominated by the sexual instinct. In contradistinction to animals, the process of female egg fertilization can take place every month. So as to the human species evolve and not disappear, the divinity has made possible that both partners desire the pleasure of intercourse, but in fact, subconsciously, they do this for ensuring species perpetuation. During female orgasm, a round ligament contraction happens that bring into the vaginal axis the longitudinal axis of the cervix, the mucus that covers the external orifice of the cervix is removed, leaving the orifice free, the walls from the posterior third of the vagina are rhythmically contracted, inside-out, pushing the seed towards the orifice of the cervix, and the uterus, by his rhythmical contractions only aspirates the seed internally.

Here is how, for a pleasure of a few seconds-the length of an orgasm, a woman can get pregnant. The spirit misleads the animal soul of the women. Even more, it is a known fact that a woman, during her sexual life, can prepare for ovulation approximately 400 eggs, a number suited for her approximate 400 menses that she has in the course of a lifetime. So she has a fixed biological capital, something that doesn’t happen to a man, he having in one ejaculation hundreds of millions of spermatozoon, of which only one will win the race towards the egg, in order to fertilize it, namely the most fitted with nutrients but also with a proper ethereal fluid. Around the age of 32-33, when the consumption of half of the 400 eggs takes place, according to the date of the first period, her spirit, subconsciously pushes her to have affairs, just to enhance the chance of her getting pregnant. This instinct can be stopped sometimes through her