Of course that headline is mostly for fun. But, there are definitely advantages to carrying on conversations with your garden. provided you have a garden, of course.

We are fast coming to the growing season in the northern hemisphere and to sowing the fruits of your labor in the southern hemisphere. Wherever you hang your hat, there's one thing that's pretty common across this blue marble we all share.

Gardening, and gardeners, speak a universal language. Whether you are an experienced gardener looking for just a few new tips, or you are a novice just beginning to immerse your fingers into a growing medium, there is always something new to be learned.

Given the size and scope of the world we live in, we do share common ground (no pun intended.)

If you are already a gardener then you understand the allure of fresh picked tomatoes still warm from the sun. Or delicious berries straight from the vine. Nothing beats munching on a carrot that was just teasing Bugs Bunny!

And, if you are new to the prospect of gardening, you are in for a real treat. Frozen and canned fruits and veggies are great in the off season, but nothing beats fresh during the growing season.

What if you could prepare fresh foods with no preservatives?
What if you were able to have a healthier diet?
What if you could guarantee better nutrition for your family?

Okay, okay. You're convinced that fresh is better. Bet you think it's a really tough and tedious task to start your own garden? What if there were a way to make it fast, fresh and almost free? You're in luck because there is. All you need is our handy guide "The Healthy Garden!"

This basic guide will help you to learn about:
1) How modern gardening is so much easier.
2) How simple it is to get started.
3) Why raised beds are more productive .
4) Dealing with some common pests.
5) The best plants for new gardeners.
6) How you can deal with composting problems.

Take a peek inside and you will find out everything you need to know to about "The Healthy Garden:"
- Learn what types of herbs to begin growing.
- Find out everything you need to know about garden safety.
- Discover the best choices for your first containers.
- How to successfully garden using seeds.

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