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Task Force Nightshade

325 pages4 hours


When an iconic London tourist attraction suffers a devastating attack from a lone assailant, a former trade union leader now with a seat in the House of Lords recognises the need for a new way of thinking. Will Richards, an Army Officer with a colourful background, is asked to establish Task Force Nightshade. Six months in the making, Richards now sits bored in his office in Whitehall.

Then a visitor arrives and Richards’ world becomes infinitely more interesting. An extremely sensitive codeword has been used in a foreign embassy, and the codeword belongs to Task Force Nightshade. In a rapidly developing course of events, Richards pieces together a puzzle which leads to treason at the highest levels of the British Government and Military Establishment. Enlisting the help of an American journalist, a Cabinet Minister’s daughter, several criminals and some very dangerous men and women, Richards races to save the Prime Minister’s life, and the country from a coup d’état.

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