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Jaw Rebalancing: Hands on Healing for the TMJ

59 pages29 minutes


Jaw Rebalancing is a safe, non-invasive, gentle and effective hands on healing technique specifically designed for rebalancing and healing the jaw. This book explains the full Jaw Rebalancing technique from start to finish as well as providing some new insights into other potential underlying causes relating to TMJ disorders. Everybody has the capacity to do the Jaw Rebalancing technique on a friend, family member or client, and this book is designed to show you how in a quick and easy manner. The Jaw Rebalancing technique can effectively: - Reduce pain related symptoms in the head, neck and shoulders in less than 30 minutes - Trigger the body's own healing response - Improve the quality of sleep and relaxation - Improve the aesthetics and geometry of the face - Balance the nervous system - and much more..

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