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Studies in the Books of Titus and Philemon

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Studies in the books of Titus and Philemon (Pauline Epistles Series Book 5) is a verse by verse study commentary.This study is a practical study guide for all categories of readers - teens, youths, individuals, groups, churches, students, young adults and adults. Simply explained without losing or compromising the active ingredients of the message. It creates space for an all-inclusive contributory and interactive study.
Titus the Gentile convert’s faith in Christ was defended and protected by Paul.- We must learn to protect young and growing Christians from spiritual snipers and their evil darts. A very important event in his life was when Paul refused pressure from some Jewish preachers that he be circumcised if truly he was born again. But Paul insisted that Titus cannot be subjected to such Jewish rituals, and that also circumcision has no relationship to Salvation. Salvation is by faith and grace and not the law
The Epistle to Philemon was one of the Prison Epistles, so called because it was written by Paul during his two year imprisonment in Rome. The other Prison Epistles are the books of Colossians, Philippians, and Ephesians. So get a copy for yourself, your family and friends. Give out copies as gifts

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