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Studies in the Book of Galatians

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Studies in the book of Galatians (Pauline Epistles Series Book 4) is a verse by verse study commentary. This study is in seven parts: 1. Salutation 2. Theme (Combating false doctrines) 3. Paul’s Gospel is a revelation 4. Justification is by faith without law 5. The rule of the believer's life is gracious, not legal 6. Sanctification is through the Spirit, not the law 7. Exhortations and conclusion
This handbook is a practical study guide for all categories of readers - teens, youths, individuals, groups, Churches, students, young adults and adults. Simply explained without losing or compromising the active ingredients of the message. It creates space for an all-inclusive contributory and interactive study. So get a copy for yourself, your family, friends, your neighbors. Give it out as gifts to others.

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