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Jungle Junction is based on the true story of how South Africa sold chemical and biological weapons to Libya. A truly dark tale, and yet Ray Wilson's novel, which is intelligently tensioned and insightful, is also hugely humorous and pacey. A very original piece of light entertainment.

The action begins in Cape Town, a city licking its wounds after years of bitter conflict, as the very public process of admission and forgiveness sets the scene for Mandela's new South Africa.

Although the mood is one of reconciliation, not everyone is ready to tell the truth. The murder of General Daniel Jackson precipitates a hunt for the secrets he didn't take to the grave, a dossier outlining the covert activities of an elite force, one prepared to go to any lengths to keep them hidden.

Journalist Nate McFadden trades in political truths. His former girlfriend Geri Lennox deals in money, and Moses Kimbo, he's after the murderer of cousin Nancy. The three are sucked together through a labyrinth of chance and criminality towards their goals, on a trail that weaves from Johannesburg, via London, to the Muthanna gasworks in Baghdad and on to Washington. It leads the losers to their ends and the victors to the largest proceeds-of-crime-fortune ever repossessed and, well, recycled.

Ultimately, if Exculpation's fictional cladding is held inquisitively to the light, a watermark appears. Through the first story runs a second, an intrigue that suggests South Africa's political progressives were unwittingly aided by developments on another continent. In a plot that links global warming, the US Treasury and a consignment of poisoned rain, the revelation is that a portentous individual set in motion a chain of events that created a single genesis for the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the abolition of apartheid.

Far-fetched? Yes, but it’s true.

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