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Zodiac Flowers: Flowers And Plants For Each Sun Sign

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Zodiac Flowers - Flowers And Plants For Each Sun Sign; a book which showcases 104 of the brightest, most beautiful flowers and plants for each zodiac sign.
In this book you’ll find out:
The birth flowers for each zodiac sign.
Which zodiac signs share flowers and plants.
Which zodiac sign gets most of the poisonous plants!
Which zodiac sign gets the showiest plants.
Which zodiac sign gets the water plants and plants that grow by water.
Which zodiac signs get the carnivorous plants.
What flowers would be appropriate for and appreciated by each zodiac sign.
What plants would make an ideal gift for each zodiac sign.
Why certain plants go with certain signs.
If you’re wondering what flowers or plants to buy as a gift for the Leo (or any other Zodiac sign) in your life or if you’re just curious about which plants go with which signs this book is a great place to find out. Inside you’ll find a personality profile for each sign. You’ll find out which parts of the body are associated with each sign and why this matters when it comes to putting plants with zodiac signs. You’ll also find out what colours are regarded as being lucky for each zodiac which helps when it comes to choosing plants and flowers for yourself or someone you care about.
In this book you’ll find a list of plants associated with each zodiac sign and photos of eight plants or flowers per sign including their birth flower.

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