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This Book of poetry consists of about 67-70 poems, which are based on the subject of God, My family, and so-called contemporary teenage world today. This book of poetry initially explains my pathos for God and how his image reflects on me. Readers would get an accurate picture of the significance of God’s holy existence; they will find out the difference between what is wrong and what is right according to our God’s authorities, rules and regulations where they will feel a correspondence with him as well. Secondly, readers would also understand the importance of family values; how each family member of mine has a true quality that heightens their role as a family member. This book of poems truly shows my own appreciation about my family’s innate qualities and how they have affected me in every way. At last, the very last subject of this book, which is based on teens exemplifies a sense of humor about the current teenage world from poems about princess’s to poems about beauty pageants and many more. This book is perfect for those who want to explore and find the sole purpose of their lives.

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