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The Rainbow presents a verbal representation of author Adeeb Ifteqar, a fourteen-year-old boy living in Hyderabad who questions life at every point in his life; he questions, he challenges, he contemplates, and he answers. Now he seeks to share his thoughts with the world in the only way he knows—through his poetry.

Adeeb thinks of life as a rainbow, full of a variety of colours. Through his poetry, he tells us that in the course of our lives, we should not give up when faced with obstacles, but rather we should move forward with hope. We should trust our friendships and the love in our lives. From “Never Say Never” to “Our Friendship,” we learn of his deepest emotions and his fondest hopes for the future.

The Rainbow also pays tribute to his parents, sisters, brother, grandparents, teachers, freedom fighters and, above all, to Allah. Cherish life and to be confident in the way you live your life always.
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ISBN: 9781490703305
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