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My book has Seven short stories, things that are important to the duration of life, I used animals to explain these stories. The first one is if you have a friend, love him or her no matter if they are different, and if they are hurt help them. Another is about a young girls dream that made her happy, however, she had to wake up. One is about a young man, that went fishing, and found two friends. The next one is about a young lady and her friends by the seashore. It is about a mother that didn’t stop to talk too her daughter about something she found. Communication with our children is one of the most important things that we as parents can teach them. The fifth story is that we shouldn’t laugh at someone if they are hurt, and if we can’t say anything nice then we shouldn’t say anything. The sixth one is about a dog that was a bully, and would boss the old, small, and one that didn’t care. The last story is about two bears one black and one white and how they cared about each other. I hope you will enjoy these seven short stories and that you will explain to your children, grand-children, and great-grandchildren the importance of each short stories.
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