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Arcadian Daze : Xavier Savage in Monarchsland (little stories from a big world)

485 pages8 hours


Includes unreliable history of Western civilisation and deliberations on life and afterlife, while touching on romance, love, sex, mistake, mystery, menace, murder, massacre, tragedy, revenge, theft, colonialism, war, empire, infamy, ignorance, stuff, nonsense, science, paradox, poetry, power, remembering, history, frailty, forgetting, religion, God, immortality, death, and afterlife; also fact meeting fiction, history, memory, and Christian sectarianism. The romantic poets, folk and pop songs, myth, coming into sexual consciousness, and creation are other elements.

Features the poem 'Frankenmonster' by Elly Darkster, and includes a short re-telling of Sir Vantees Lamancha's novel 'Captain Brimstone and the Riddle of the Sphinx'.

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