Garden of Eden Anthology

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Garden of Eden Anthology

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15 authors describe a Garden of Eden like no other. This collection of flash fiction, short stories, poems, and essays illustrate an imaginative new take on one of the most famous literary tales in history. See how the denizens of the original garden interact with each other and with their creator – dust motes, trees, ghosts, demons, gnomes, angels, roaches, and more! You’ll never think of the Garden of Eden the same way after reading these strange tales.

List of titles and authors:

In The Beginning We Did Have Someone On The Ground (Adam Mac)
Gossip in the Garden (JD DeHart
Mote (Erin Vataris)
Renovation (Gary Hewitt)
A Ghost and a Thought (James J. Stevenson)
We Who Bleed (Scathe meic Beorh)
One Bit Off (Guy and Tonya De Marco)
Water Rats (JD DeHart)
Agent of Good (Schevus Osborne)
X:UsersAndroidX>start eden.exe_ (Anne Carly Abad)
The Genesis of the Incorporeum (AmyBeth Inverness)
The Gardeners of Eden (Jason Bougger)
The Roots of All Evil (Shelley Chappell)
Survey (John Grey)
Breach (William Teegarden)
Before Dawn Can Wake Us (John Vicary)

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