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Ain't THAT The Truth?! Observations on LIFE and its Controversies

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Its human nature to over think things making life more complicated than it really is. Feeling that there isn’t anything we don’t know or need to know, can lead to losing sight of ourselves or reality. With positivity and the mindset of a leader, it’s easy to see that life and its lessons are quite simple.
The first step to a more tranquil life is becoming receptive to new knowledge. Regrettably most people are followers not leaders. Either being incapable or refusing to think outside the box. The box is how you were raised, your city, lifestyle and or your profession. It’s much easier to have others form your opinions for you but is ignorance really blissful?
Recognizing and acknowledging truthfulness is liberating. The truth is an awesome learning tool. Speak it and people will call you crazy or admire your gumption but you’ll surely gain undivided attention. It can also be a hard pill to swallow causing folks to shy away from it like a plague. Living truthfully is another matter and sugar coating the truth is a lot like lying. The truth is what it is, so embrace it instead of running from it.
Ain’t THAT the Truth?! is a culmination of 50 years of knowledge gained by simply observing all aspects of life. The profound, funny and progressive musings provide insights for the everyday lives of everyday people. An entire book can be written about each topic.
It’s meant to be a conversation piece that most age groups can relate to or learn from. You’re encouraged to discuss these subjects with family, friends, classmates and co-workers. My intent is to make you laugh and ponder issues while you learn to master the art of living well.
Some of the things you read will shock you, some segments will make you laugh and others will make you say, damn! Aint THAT the Truth?! Open your mind and enjoy.

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